Softball (RW71)

John is somebody who lives a conscious life where the day takes him. He is conscious every moment and in June 2017 he was in a water balloon fight which was exciting, althought there were a lot of ideas about what is considered fair in a water balloon fight. John also loves to play softball!

The sports-affiliation of the Seattle music scene (RW71)

Within the rock musician community in Seattle there have been two big sports phases: In the early 1990:s, the Seattle SuperSonics were doing really well. They had Gary Payton in a formidable basketball team. Grunge rockers like Pearl Jam, select members of Soundgarden and The Presidents of the USA were really into the sports games and very pro-Sonics. This was also the era of Ken Griffy and Ichiro and the Mariners were very popular. As the success of the Sonics went away, all that sports energy transferred to the Mariners.

Baseball (RW71)

The Mariners have consistently been a team that shows tremendous promise every spring. They even figure out a way to still be in the running every summer and just piss it away at last. In their greatest season (2001) they won more than a hundred games, but then just pissed it away. The Mariners are very popular with a lot of John's friends and John is on the short list for a few people when they have baseball tickets and their normal friend isn't able to come. If he can make it, he always accepts the offer. Baseball games are super fun, he enjoys the game of Baseball and he likes to follow the day and live in the moment.

Dan has never been to a Texas Rangers game, although he loves baseball and enjoys going to the a baseball game (He does however prefer football). His son would probably get bored after 30 minutes and then he would be there with a bored 9-year-old, so he is still waiting for him to get a bit older. John started to take his little girl to Mariners games because the moment of walking into a ballpark is so awe-inspiring! It is a giant cathedral of people and from the standpoint of a kid, that alone is a massive moment. When she gets bored, there is always the promise of a hot dog and then there is the sports mascot. Dan and John continue extensively to banter about different sports mascots in this episode.

American Handball (RL241)

According to Merlin, when land was cheap in the 50:s, they built all kinds of sports fields. American Handball was invented because it was the sport that required the least amount of maintenance, not even a net. The name "handball" contains two dick jokes and today you would not name a sport "handball". However, nowadays nobody ever plays handball on outdoor courts anymore, they don't even play Ultimate Frisbee on it. You could colonize them and start an RC-model club, but you just meet there to smoke pot. Handball was only invented to tick some boxes, just as ketchup was reclassified as a vegetable to let certain meals meet the requirements.

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