RL243 - Hoeing My Till

This week Merlin and John talk about

The problem: "She had the No. 2 pencil", referring to John's guidance counselor at the Uni of Washington who used her power of transferring his semester credits to seduce him (personal development)

The show title refers to something Merlin said as they were talking about him being a lay-person these days when he is overhearing other people's conversations about technology.

John mentions he is writing a book, a copy of which is stored in iCloud.

At the beginning of the show, Merlin tells the story that he got a new 300W power supply for his computer, because it started to make trouble and he doesn't want to be uncertain about his computer as a tool. John jokingly remarks that he can feel the clean thump, like coming from an SBT. Merlin's intro lets John tell the story about a delay pedal that sometimes went into demo mode, his recent trouble with his iPad after an OS upgrade, and John's plans to get a drum machine app for the iPad.

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