RL161 - It's Ramifications!

This week Merlin and John talk about

The problem: "The only real wealth is property", a thing John recently said that he never thought he would ever say (see below).

The show title refers to the conversation in the beginning of the show (see below).

It was a nice big long hot weekend with temperatures in the 90:s (around 32-35°C) The sociopaths love it, because they are lizard people, laying out on their hot rocks and absorbing the life giving rays of the sun while the rest of us are just kind of cowering. Not having any air condition, and not using umbrellas has been a long-standing point of pride for Seattleites and now it is starting to be a bit of a problem for people. There are ramifications for old people who live alone. It is all about ramifications! We don't talk about ramifications enough! So many things are!

At one time John was sitting at the side of the road with an older guy and some friends, just shooting shit. When a really nice Cadillac drove by, the older guy called it a nice car, but John replied that it was not really his style and he likes it a little grittier. That car was all dandied up. The older guy called him "one of them muddawgs". John's friend still calls him muddawg to this day. That's how it starts, just like Snot Boogie.

John had a conversation about retirement yesterday, where he said: "The only real wealth is property". It was a situation like it was for James Earl Jones in Conan. One person looked out the window, the other one was twirling their hair, but John looked up from his newspaper and was like: "No, listen!" John is never going to retire and can only be comfortable with other people in brief moments.

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