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Spirit Animals (RW16)

John oscilates between the raven and the raccoon as his spirit animal. The problem is that the raven does not to want that honor. They drop whatever button they are brining and fly away. Looking up when it flies away can't be the relationship with your spirit animal. Also, ravens are very social and John is only marginally social. The raccoon is much more ackin to him, it lurks around at night. They often meet during the night and John will corner them in a way they can't get away, because he has some stuff to talk to them. They rarely hiss and try to get away, but maybe they are then going to their friends and are talking about John in a way that shows him less respect than he is due. Five times a week John gets forwarded that profile from the little girl who made friends with a raven and they are brining her little buttons and rocks and animal bones. That happened in Seattle, so those are John's ravens, but no raven has ever brought him a button!

John had a lot of encounters with dogs and cats, rodents, mountain goats, moose, bear, but none of them feels like his spirit animal. Golden dragons might be his spirit animals, but those are imaginary. Owls appear to John in dreams, but you can never find them outside. Saying that the owl is his spirit animal would be failry presumptuous. An owl is keeping its own council. It would be like saying that your spirit animal is the bald eagle. Really? You are so fucking majestic? A bald eagle can grab a 20 pound salmon out of the water. You have to be Leonardo diCaprio in The Revenant to have a bald eagle as your spirit animal. Most people's spirit animals are guinea pigs or earthworms. The question is what you deserve. Maybe John's spirit animal is the marmot, a beaver-sized rodent or the marmoset, a small hand-held monkey. A pine marten is like a small wolverine that lives in the trees. John is not sure about the marmoset. But the pine marten! A ferocious, but cute little tree dwelling weasel! It is a thing John could employ.

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