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The reveal (RW60)

Dan is introducing John to the Patreon he had secretly created more than a month ago. He knew that John didn’t want a Patreon that sucks, so he created it with faith in the listeners and was hoping when he would reveal it it wouldn’t suck. At the point the show was recorded, the total pledge was in the $1200:s, but Dan made it sound like he had expected more. Roadwork is in the top 1% of Podcasts in the world, they have something around 20.000 listeners. Dan suspects that the response was warm because John himself was not involved. On the other hand, some people even said they cancelled their 5by5-pledge and put the money into Roadwork instead.

John is not mad at Dan for doing this behind his back, because everything in John’s life that resulted in forward motion was because somebody had to do something behind his back. John is agnostic about it and finds $1000 nothing to sneeze at. Dan explains that it is difficult to talk to sponsors about the show, because the topic is not clearly defined.

Bonus content (RW64)

Starting with episode 64, Roadwork now has occasional bonus content for their Patreon supporters. There is a secret RSS feed that you will receive when you sign up to support the show.

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