John's New House in Normandy Park

John moving logs in his ravine (RL375)

Yesterday John went down into his ravine and spent 7 hours moving logs with his own two hands. It is like a training montage for a Rambo film down there: Lifting logs, moving wheel barrows full of rocks, digging with the shovel, and pushing stuff around like a strongman competition. John doesn't want to pull anything and go to the hospital right now, but he is literally building trail and he couldn’t be happier and he cannot wait going over to his house again and move some more logs.

There are times when he feels like he might have made a mistake buying this house because after 4 months he is still not living there because he is moving all the toilets around, but then he moves some logs and it is absolute heaven and he would not trade this for anything. Although he might still prefer it if it was on the ocean and had a bunch of fallen logs. It is a Donald Rumsfeld situation! So many times each day Merlin feels grateful for what he is not stuck in.

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