John Roderick

John Morgan Roderick was born on September 13, 1968 and grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. In the early days his family lived near Elmendorf Air Force Base (RW63). Today he lives in the King County neighborhood (RL241) in Seattle, Washington. John's family is of Welsh descent (RW63).

The person

  • Style: John's hair, beard, glasses and clothing-style
  • Food and Drink: John's preferences about the culinary side of life
  • Attitude and Opinion: John's opinion about many general topics
  • Personal Development: John's way of growing up
  • Personality: John's general personality treats and his attitude towards life
  • Employment history: John's wast number of jobs before becoming a musician.
  • Parents: John's mom and dad
  • Family: John's extended family and friends
  • Children: John and his co-hosts all have small children
  • Drugs: John's former relationship with drugs
  • Depression: John's struggle with depression
  • Aging: John's thoughts about the aging-process

Musical Career

Main article: Career: John's career becoming an Indy Rock musician
Related article: Music: John's love for music outside his own career


  • Music: John's love for music outside his own career
  • Movies: John does not have a television, but he still loves movies
  • Podcasting: John's career as a co-host and guest on podcasts
  • Shows and Events: John attending different shows, festivals and events as a performer or in the audience
  • Internet and Social Media: John finding his way on Twitter and Instagram (see accounts below)
  • Dreams and Fantasies: John's dreams and fantasies as well as other magical moments
  • Comic Books: John's interest in alternative comics as a kid
  • Conspiracy: John's theories about conspiracy and superstition
  • Objects: Collecting and selling trinkets and little objects
  • Flying: John has a strong love for airplanes
  • Cars: John's passion for cars
  • Motorcycle: John's love for motorcycles
  • History: John is very interested in history
  • Geography: John has come around quite a bit and talks about different parts of the world.
  • Humanities: John's thoughts on science, liberal arts and all things spiritual
  • Politics: John's view on politics and society
  • Money: John's view on the economy
  • School: A discussion about the current state of schools in America
  • Ideologies: John's reply to a listener question brings us down a deep rabbit hole
  • Liberalism: Current political affairs let John explain his view on liberalism
  • Technology: John is not a technology person, but sometimes he talks about it anyways.


Main article: Stories: The core of John's podcasts, all the fascinating stories he tells us.

  • Early Days: Stories from school and early days of traveling
  • Currents: Tales of John's current events and every-day observations
  • Factoids: Fun facts told by John, not directly related to himself
  • House: The history of John's house and the story of repairing it, see also DIY
  • The Big Walk: John walked from Amsterdam to Istanbul
  • GMC RV: John's adventure of getting a 40 year old vintage GMC RV Motorhome
  • Packages: John requesting listeners to send him stuff and opening packages on the show
  • Seafair: John has been crowned King Neptune of the Seattle Seafair in 2017
  • Run for office: John was running for Seattle city council in 2015
  • Chris Cornell: Thoughts about the suicide of the singer of Soundgarden in May 2017
  • The Beatles: John talking about the Sgt Pepper remix and the Hulu documentary
  • Time Geography: John's desire to record his data and events in multiple dimensions
  • Assistant: John's thoughts about hiring an assistant to get more projects going
  • Apocalypse: Better be prepared!
  • Juggalos: John's fascination for this subculture
  • Supertrain: John's and Merlin's fantasy about #Supertrain

Contact Information and Social media

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