Is This Your First Day?

This is a bit that was created in Episode 218 of Roderick on the Line when John in rage said the wrong thing to a guy who cut him off in traffic.

Is this your first day? (RL218)

John was parallel parking in McMinnville, Oregon as a guy in a very big Dodge Ram truck pulled up right behind him. John had his blinkers and his reverse lights on and he proceeded to back up in order to get to his parking spot at which point the guy honked his giant horn. John leaned out the window and said ”I am parallel parking here!”. The guy leaned out the window as well, he was wearing a baseball cap, he had a mustache, and his wife was in the truck, and he said: ”You ran that Stop sign and everything!”, referring to a prior stop sign at which John had made a free right turn, which is legal in the Northwest, and maybe he hadn't come to a complete stop.

At that point John wanted to yell: ”Is this your first rodeo, cowboy?”, which would have been a good sick burn, but then he thought that it was too on the nose and he edited himself in the moment, which sometimes works, but this time he got in front of himself and said: ”Is this your first day?”, because he had gotten halfway in and thought ”Don’t say rodeo!”

The guy took off with his big Diesel around John, on his way to the Feed & Seed store on the other side of McMinnville. It might have been his first day! John sat in his car and was frustrated because ”Is this your first day” will not read as a sick burn to anybody, but all the Hippie moms walking the streets of McMinnville are now going to wonder if that was a burn or not.

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