Friendly Fire

“War movies: One of the core genres of the cinema. From the earliest days of the form, filmmakers have been trying to capture and comment on war. Do these films accurately represent the battles they depict? And are they more useful as depictions of history, or as artifacts from the eras in which they were made? Do enough of them have Brian Dennehy? Join Adam Pranica (network page), Ben Harrison, and John Roderick for Friendly Fire the war movie podcast that answers all these questions and more.”

The show is produced and edited by Rob Schulte and is released on the Maximum Fun podcast network (Official Website).

The next movie to watch is picked by using a random number at the end of each episode. That way they are getting a good mix of very well known films and smaller pictures, even in foreign languages.

When the preview was released (feed URL) on December 20th, they had already prerecorded 18-20 episodes. After a dozen episodes or so, they started to review the movie on a scale of 1-5 things. Friendly Fire, the podcast itself, is rated by Adam and Ben at 5 bathtubs, which is the location that John records from each and every time. John only gives it 4,5 bath tubs because it is s show by three white guys talking about war movies. This is John’s bread and butter! Adam and Ben are cinematographers and will talk about the movies as films while John will talk about them in the context of how well or poorly they describe war in general and whatever war that they are about in particular. John also wants to examine the cultural context of the time the movie was made and the contemporary context.

There was an interview about this new show on Episode 13 of the Who Shot Ya? podcast.

For the purpose of this wiki, we will have to wait and see if John is going to talk about his stories on this show as well. We will probably at least provide some kind of table of contents.

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