Friendly Fire

“War movies: One of the core genres of the cinema. From the earliest days of the form, filmmakers have been trying to capture and comment on war. Do these films accurately represent the battles they depict? And are they more useful as depictions of history, or as artifacts from the eras in which they were made? Do enough of them have Brian Dennehy? Join Adam Pranica (network page), Ben Harrison, and John Roderick for Friendly Fire, the war movie podcast that answers all these questions and more!”

This show is produced and edited by Rob Schulte and is released on the Maximum Fun podcast network.
The intro music is War by Edwin Starr.
The logo art is by Nick Ditmore.

Episode Release date Movie Year Plot
1 2018-01-12 Saving Private Ryan 1998 World War II, Invasion of Normandy
2 2018-01-19 Run Silent, Run Deep 1958 World War II, submarine warfare in the Pacific Ocean
3 2018-01-26 Flying Lethernecks 1951 World War II, United States Marine Corps aviators during
4 2018-02-02 First Blood 1982 Vietnam War veteran John Rambo
5 2018-02-09 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 2003 Napoleonic Wars
6 2018-02-16 Stalag 17 1953 World War II, Luftwaffe prisoner-of-war camp
7 2018-02-23 Braveheart 1995 Scotland year 1280
8 2018-03-02 Zulu 1964 Anglo-Zulu War, Battle of Rorke's Drift
9 2018-03-08 Fires on the Plain 1959 World War II, Battle of Leyte
BONUS 2018-03-13 7 Days in Entebbe 2018 Operation Entebbe year 1976
10 2018-03-16 Fury 2014 World War II, US tank crews in Nazi Germany
11 2018-03-23 Enemy at the Gates 2001 World War II, Battle of Stalingrad
12 2018-03-30 MASH 1970 Korean War, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
13 2018-04-06 Three Kings 1999 Gulf War, Gold heist
14 2018-04-13 Force 10 from Navarone 1978 British-American War
15 2018-04-20 Red Dawn 1984 World War III, invasion by Nicaragua
16 2018-04-27 Red Dawn 2012 World War III, invasion by North Korea
17 2018-05-04 Glory 1989 American Civil War
18 2018-05-11 The Battle of Algiers 1966 Algerian War
19 2018-05-18 Rescue Dawn 2006 Vietnam War
20 2018-05-25 From Here to Eternity 1953 World War II, Pearl Harbor
21 2018-06-01 The African Queen 1951 World War I, novel adaption
22 2018-06-08 Clear and Present Danger 1994 War on drugs
23 2018-06-15 The Dirty Dozen 1967 World War II, D-Day invasion
24 2018-06-22 Apocalypse Now 1979 Vietnam War
25 2018-06-29 The Last of the Mohicans 1992 French and Indian War (Seven Years' War)
26 2018-07-06 Paradise Now 2005 Palestine
27 2018-07-13 Mongol 2007 Genghis Khan
28 2018-07-20 Operation Dumbo Drop 1995 Vietnam War (Comedy)
29 2018-07-27 The Siege 1998 War on terror
30 2018-03-03 Platoon 1986 Vietnam War
31 2018-08-10 The Enemy Below 1957 World War II, Anti-submarine warfare
32 2018-08-17 Paisan 1946 World War II, Italian Campaign
33 2018-08-24 Star Wars 1977 Galactic Empire vs Rebel Alliance (SciFi)
34 2018-08-31 Aliens 1986 Hostile alien creatures (SciFi)
35 2018-09-07 Kelly's Heroes 1970 World War II (Comedy)
36 2018-09-14 Army of Shadows (L'armée des ombres) 1969 World War II, French Resistance
37 2018-09-21 Dr. Strangelove 1964 Cold War (Political satire)
38 2018-09-28 Sands of Iwo Jima 1949 World War II, Battle of Iwo Jima
39 2018-10-05 Sicario 2015 War on drugs
40 2018-10-12 U-571 2000 World War II, Submarine warefare
41 2018-10-19 Von Ryan's Express 1965 World War II, POW-camp
42 2018-10-26 Downfall (Der Untergang) 2004 World War II, Final Ten Days
43 2018-11-02 Ran (乱) 1985 Sengoku-period
44 2018-11-09 All Quiet on the West Front 1930 World War I
45 2018-11-16 Biloxi Blues 1988 World War II
46 2018-11-23 The Deer Hunter 1978 Vietnam War
47 2018-11-30 Valkyrie 2008 World War II, Hitler-assassination
48 2018-12-07 Pearl Harbor 2001 World War II, Pearl Harbor
49 2018-12-14 Courage Under Fire 1996 Gulf War
50 2018-12-21 Black Book (Zwartboek) 2006 World War II, Resistance in the Netherlands
51 2018-12-28 RoboCop 1987 War on Crime (Action Movie)
52 2019-01-04 Paths of Glory 1957 World War I
53 2019-01-11 Letters from Iwo Jima (硫黄島からの手紙) 2006 World War II, Battle of Iwo Jima
54 2019-01-18 Flags of Our Fathers 2006 World War II, Battle of Iwo Jima
55 2019-01-25 Inglourious Basterds 2009 World War II (Alternate History Story)
56 2019-02-01 Salvador 1986 Salvadoran Civil War
57 2019-02-08 Behind Enemy Lines 2001 Bosnian War
58 2019-02-15 Conan the Barbarian 1982 (Fantasy Adventure)
59 2019-02-22 Heaven & Earth 1993 Vietnam War
60 2019-03-01 Green Zone 2010 Second War in Iraq
61 2019-03-08 USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage 2016 World War II, Philippine Sea
62 2019-03-15 Memphis Belle 1990 World War II, B-17 Flying Fortress
63 2019-03-22 The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 World War II, Burma Railway Construction
64 2019-03-29 Predator 1987 (Science Fiction Action Horror)
65 2019-04-05 Operation Chromite (인천상륙작전) 2016 Korean War, Battle of Inchon
66 2019-04-12 Dunkirk 2017 World War II, Dunkirk Evacuation
67 2019-04-19 Darkest Hour 2018 World War II, Winston Churchill
68 2019-04-26 The Key 1958 World War II, Battle of the Atlantic
69 2019-05-03 Redbad 2018 Medieval times, Dutch heroes
70 2019-05-10 Crash Dive 1943 World War II, Submarine USS Corsair
71 2019-05-17 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 1944 World War II, Pearl Harbor
72 2019-05-24 Come and See 1985 World War II, Invasion of Belarus
73 2019-05-31 The Promise 2016 Armenian Genocide, Ottoman Empire
74 2019-06-07 The Hurt Locker 2008 Second War in Iraq
75 2019-06-14 The Sum of all Fears 2002 Yom Kippur War (Spy Thriller)
76 2019-06-21 Red Cliff (赤壁) 2008 Han Dynasty, Battle of Red Cliffs
77 2019-06-28 The Night of the Shooting Stars 1982 World War II (Fantasy War Drama)
78 2019-07-05 Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 World War II (Action Adventure)
79 2019-07-12 The Great Escape 1963 World War II, POW camp Stalag Luft III
80 2019-07-19 A Private War 2018 Sri Lankan Civil War

Official website: Friendly Fire, also on Maximum Fun and on Art19
Official Twitter-feeds: Adam, Ben, John
Official Facebook group: Friendly Fire
There is a thread for each episode on the Maximum Fun subreddit.
There is a timeline of all the war movies maintained by Michael Ahr.

Further information

John gave an interview about this show on Episode 13 of the Who Shot Ya? podcast.
John and Ben have also been on Alison Rosen is your new best friend in the episode from 2018-02-26.

The next movie to watch is chosen by John picking a random number at the end of each episode. From episode 40 on, John is using a 100-sided die that was sent to him by listener Guy Yedwab. The number then corresponds to an entry on Ben's randomized list of movies. That way they are getting a good mix of very well known films and smaller pictures, even in foreign languages. If they pick three movies about the same war in a row, that war is then removed for the next pick. Episode 44 was not picked at random, but was chosen deliberately for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of World War I. Episode 48 was not picked at random, but was chosen for the 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Episode 67 was not picked at random, but was thematically related to Episode 66, both being about Winston Churchill.

The first 25 episodes were prerecorded before the preview was released on December 20th 2017.

Episode 13, 53, 54 and one other have been recorded face-to-face.

From episode 14 on (plus the out-of-time Bonus-episode), they started to review the movie on a scale of 1-5 "things" picked by Adam. The podcast itself is rated by Adam and Ben at 5 bathtubs, which is the location that John records from each and every time. John only gives it 4,5 bathtubs because it is a show by three white guys talking about war movies.

Episode 30 was a collaboration with Movie Crush, guested by Chuck Bryant.

From Episode 40 on, Adam is recording together with John at John's house in his podcasting studio he built for The Omnibus. John and Adam recorded Episode 65 from John's uncle's house in Hawaii. From episode 67 on John recorded at Adam's house because his own house was on the market.

The intros to each episode are mostly narrated by John and transcripts can be found on each episode page. The intros became more elaborate around episode 15. The show opener after the intro is spoken by Ben and a collection of those one-liners can be found here.

Support the show, live shows

This podcast is supported by its listeners and memberships are available here. There are yearly bonus episodes for MaxFun members:

See also John's Reddit AMA in connection with the 2019 MaxFunDrive.

In 2019 the goal during the MaxFun Drive was to acquire 2000 new and upgrading members, which has been reached. As a perk there will now be a "pork chop" feed with war-adjacent movies that will be recorded live on tour:

Episode Date Location Movie Year Plot
PC1 2019-05-20 Brooklyn, NY Top Gun 1985 USS Enterprise, F-14A Tomcat
PC2 2019-05-21 Chicago, IL Broken Arrow 1996 US Air Force, B-3 Stealth Bomber
PC3 2019-06-03 Seattle, WA Commando 1985 Schwarzenegger, Special Forces
PC4 2019-06-04 San Francisco, CA The Rock 1996 Alcatraz, US Marines
PC5 2019-06-11 Los Angeles, CA Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 WWII, Indiana Jones

Tickets for the live shows can be purchased here. None of the live show recordings have been released yet.

John's Personal Stories

John does not tell many personal stories on this podcast that would be relevant for this Wiki. Until now, he has told the following:

  • Episode 06: John was in Boulder County jail for 10 days in 1986
  • Episode 07: John’s father is of Welsh descend rather than Scottish as they originally thought
  • Episode 14: John had a briefcase full of fireworks, John was at Elmendorf when the F15 arrived
  • Episode 15: John was in the Norad Alaska headquarters in 1981 as a civil air patrolman
  • Episode 19: John's relationship with Santa Claus
  • Episode 26: John dated a girl who then went back to Israel to fight for the Palestinian cause
  • Episode 32: John at Outward Bound (see also subscriptions are eels)
  • Episode 33: John saw Star Wars in the theater 6 times and he had all the action figures.
  • Episode 34: The movie was released during the summer after John graduated from High School and he hitchhiked through America
  • Episode 35: John talking to Sarah Vowell and movie sound artist Michael Giacchino (see RL284), John memorizing the silhouettes of Soviet fighter jets.
  • Episode 36: John's dad in World War II (see Parents) and his best friend Jack Tanner (see RW58 and RW115), discussion about should you be in the resistance?
  • Episode 38: John's parents' relationship with Japanese people, Japanese visiting John's dad's funeral because he was the best basketball player on their High School team, John's take on war and what he learned by doing this show. Transcript
  • Episode 40: John visited a submarine in early 2018 (see RW91)
  • Episode 41: John hopping freight trains, John and his dad didn't like Frank Sinatra, John looked like Lt. Orde when he was a kid
  • Episode 42: John at the Schützenfest in Freckenhorst (see RW43), John's dad fought in WWII, John's bunker coffee (see RW117), kids in a cave in Thailand (see RL296), discussion about the situation in Germany in the 1930s. Transcript
  • Episode 44: John's grandfather and grandmother met in WWI, she wrote an autobiography called A Nightingale in the Trenches (see RD2016), Outtake "Hey Siri" at the very end
  • Episode 45: John's uncle Jack went to Navy flight training, but then the war was over, John's dad and his old men only talked about WWII as if it was an adventure, Jack Tanner (see RW58 and RW115), John losing his virginity (see RL305)
  • Episode 46: John was working at the Off Ramp (see Employment History) while they shot the movie Singles, John’s group of friends in College and High School (see Friends), Intro was recorded live at Rob Schulte’s studio
  • Episode 47: John was working at Kells Irish Restaurant & Bar in Pike Place Market (see RW49)
  • Episode 48: John writing film critiques for The Stranger, Sean Nelson was the film editor and they were in a band together (Harvey Danger), Sean writing a review withoug having seen the film, John’s dad flew a C47 but used to call it DC3 (Parents), ”lazy people always work harder”, as Ben’s mother used to say, ”Three boys do the work of half a boy”, as Dr. Horning would say (see Kevin Horning’s dad in Friends)
  • Episode 49: 1997 is the year that doesn't exist, Alka-Seltzer is the only pain medication John's mom would allow, John and Adam try Alka-Seltzer in coffee in the After Dark
  • Episode 50: John finding a Hitler bust in Argentina, John eating chocolate on RW32, John's girlfriends are Dutch Resistance Fighters (half of them are Jewish, but all of them have a knife somewhere on their body)
  • Episode 51: Transcript
  • Episode 52: Tour rules, don't eat Sushi in states that don't touch the ocean (see FS108), living from the hot case (see RL217), John dated a stripper called Jazz Pepper, Menjou-Bärtchen, Adam loves duck, John ordering 5 Unagi at Hana Sushi in Seattle
  • Episode 55: Millennial Girlfriend dating B.J. Novak, John playing war as a kid (see RW41)
  • Episode 57: John was in Europe during the war on the Balkan, just two countries away, John decided he was no longer a kid when he was 13, Transcript
  • Episode 58: Masculine role models, childhood stories
  • Episode 60: Transcript
  • Episode 61: John was in Boulder County jail (see FF6)
  • Episode 62: John's dad fought in World War II (see Parents), John lives near Boeing in Seattle, How John built drug bongs in the past (see RL168)
  • Episode 63: John's mom had a Dodge Swinger, John's vice principal in High School used a cricket bat to discipline kids (see RL11 and RL265), John seeing bats in Morocco "Visualize World Bats"
  • Episode 65: John's dad had a three slide projectors and 50 carousels, John getting hit with a hatchet on the head (see RW74)
  • Episode 67: John walking through Romania (see The Big Walk), John conducting business from the toilet, John getting addicted to cigars during a trip to Cuba in 2007, Ben's wedding, John bringing a guitar to Adam's house while they record, John being accused of being a Boomer. Transcript
  • Episode 69: John walking in Holland with the wrong boots, Tyrone Power was John's mom's movie crush when she was 10
  • Episode 73: John learned the story from his friend John Kazanjian who owns the New City Theater in Seattle and who feels very strong Armenian identity
  • Episode 74: Cleaning mushrooms, talking to children like adults, John recently having had a truck fire (see RL270).
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