Friendly Fire

“War movies: One of the core genres of the cinema. From the earliest days of the form, filmmakers have been trying to capture and comment on war. Do these films accurately represent the battles they depict? And are they more useful as depictions of history, or as artifacts from the eras in which they were made? Do enough of them have Brian Dennehy? Join Adam Pranica (network page), Ben Harrison, and John Roderick for Friendly Fire, the war movie podcast that answers all these questions and more!”

This show is produced and edited by Rob Schulte and is released on the Maximum Fun podcast network.
The intro music is War by Edwin Starr.
The logo art is by Nick Ditmore.

Episode Release date Movie Year Plot
1 2018-01-12 Saving Private Ryan 1998 World War II, Invasion of Normandy
2 2018-01-19 Run Silent, Run Deep 1958 World War II, submarine warfare in the Pacific Ocean
3 2018-01-26 Flying Lethernecks 1951 World War II, United States Marine Corps aviators during
4 2018-02-02 First Blood 1982 Vietnam War veteran John Rambo
5 2018-02-09 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 2003 Napoleonic Wars
6 2018-02-16 Stalag 17 1953 World War II, Luftwaffe prisoner-of-war camp
7 2018-02-23 Braveheart 1995 Scotland year 1280
8 2018-03-02 Zulu 1964 Anglo-Zulu War, Battle of Rorke's Drift
9 2018-03-08 Fires on the Plain 1959 World War II, Battle of Leyte
BONUS 2018-03-13 7 Days in Entebbe 2018 Operation Entebbe year 1976
10 2018-03-16 Fury 2014 World War II, US tank crews in Nazi Germany
11 2018-03-23 Enemy at the Gates 2001 World War II, Battle of Stalingrad
12 2018-03-30 MASH 1970 Korean War, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
13 2018-04-06 Three Kings 1999 Gulf War, Gold heist
14 2018-04-13 Force 10 from Navarone 1978 British-American War
15 2018-04-20 Red Dawn 1984 World War III, invasion by Nicaragua
16 2018-04-27 Red Dawn 2012 World War III, invasion by North Korea
17 2018-05-04 Glory 1989 American Civil War
18 2018-05-11 The Battle of Algiers 1966 Algerian War
19 2018-05-18 Rescue Dawn 2006 Vietnam War
20 2018-05-25 From Here to Eternity 1953 World War II, Pearl Harbor
21 2018-06-01 The African Queen 1951 World War I, novel adaption
22 2018-06-08 Clear and Present Danger 1994 War on drugs
23 2018-06-15 The Dirty Dozen 1967 World War II, D-Day invasion
24 2018-06-22 Apocalypse Now 1979 Vietnam War
25 2018-06-29 The Last of the Mohicans 1992 French and Indian War (Seven Years' War)
26 2018-07-06 Paradise Now 2005 Palestine
27 2018-07-13 Mongol 2007 Genghis Khan
28 2018-07-20 Operation Dumbo Drop 1995 Vietnam War (Comedy)
29 2018-07-27 The Siege 1998 War on terror
30 2018-03-03 Platoon 1986 Vietnam War
31 2018-08-10 The Enemy Below 1957 World War II, Anti-submarine warfare
32 2018-08-17 Paisan 1946 World War II, Italian Campaign
33 2018-08-24 Star Wars 1977 Galactic Empire vs Rebel Alliance (SciFi)
34 2018-08-31 Aliens 1986 Hostile alien creatures (SciFi)
35 2018-09-07 Kelly's Heroes 1970 World War II (Comedy)

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Official Twitter-feeds: Adam, Ben, John

Further information

John gave an interview about this show on Episode 13 of the Who Shot Ya? podcast.
John and Ben have also been on Alison Rosen is your new best friend in the episode from 2018-02-26.

The next movie to watch is chosen by John picking a random number at the end of each episode. That way they are getting a good mix of very well known films and smaller pictures, even in foreign languages. The first 25 episodes were prerecorded before the preview was released on December 20th 2017. From episode 15 on (plus the out-of-time-episode 10), they started to review the movie on a scale of 1-5 "things". The podcast itself is rated by Adam and Ben at 5 bathtubs, which is the location that John records from each and every time. John only gives it 4,5 bathtubs because it is a show by three white guys talking about war movies.

John's Personal Stories

John does not tell many personal stories on this podcast that would be relevant for this Wiki. Until now, he has told the following:

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