Filson Jackets

Vintage Filson Jackets are the typical garment that helped define John's public personality quite a bit. (RW59)

eBay examples

John has a large collection of very particular models, because there is no historical record of all the products that the company made and John is one of the few repositories of that information. Nobody of the few other people in the world he is aware of sharing his interest is willing to put up a website about it. When selling his jackets for the money came up, he only would want to sell them to somebody who cares about it and wants to pass on the information to the next person, not just some dude who wanted something for cheap (RW59).

in 2016, John did an event at the Filson store with the premise Keeping a small bag packed. He was sponsored by Filson with clothes, but did not realize until the event itself that he was just giving a sales pitch which is normally not what he wanted, because the stuff he was showing would have been much too expensive if he had to pay for it and it was hard for him to recommend it to his audience in the way he presented it (RW59).

John likes the fact that he is by some seen the leader of a cult of likeminded people, but he is very aware that this thing is more meant as a joke and it does not hold up when taken into the real world (RW59).

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