FFPC19 - Overlord

Intro by Ben Harrison

Operation Neptune was the codename for the allied assault of axis defenses along the Normandy coast, colloquially known as D-Day. It was the largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare, but it was slightly preceded by the deployment of 24.000 American, British and Canadian paratroopers behind the Atlantic Wall, a system of defenses constructed by the Nazis along the west coast of Europe, stretching from northern Norway all the way to Spain.

Since the invasion took place in France, most of the behind the scenes action was focused on compromising supply lines, weakening beach defenses and generally making the invasion harder for the Nazis to repel. But today's film tells a slightly different, more horrifying story of one group of paratroopers who heroically destroyed Hitler's ability to create super-soldiers using refined tar from a weird pit under a church and a little French village.

Clearing out all the mad science laboratories and zombie freaks was an important step in preparing France for the Battle of Normandy, which bore the code name Operation Overlord. That's right! This episode is coming out on Halloween, and we are giving you one of those rare crossover events when War Film meets Scary Movie. Since you are a monthly supporter, I am sure you can predict how the three hosts break down on whether that is a kind of crossover to which we are receptive.

The film came out in 2018 and while it was pretty well received by critics and only barely made its money back. So unless you are a horror film completionist or a war film completionist or always watch the movies we review before listening to our episodes, chances are pretty good you haven't seen this film. The director, Julius Avory, doesn't have anything listed on his IMDB page after this film, which I think is a shame because whether or not this movie is your cup of tea, I think anyone would admit that it is very capably made. "If we do this, our odds of walking out of here go down to nearly zero!" Today on Friendly Fire: Overlord.

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