FFDR2018 - Rambo: First Blood Part II

Into by John Roderick

Three years after the actions of the previous film landed him in a federal labor camp, Sylvester Stallone, reprising his role as a decorated Vietnam veteran, is offered the chance of a new beginning, a presidential pardon, if he will return to a Viet Cong prison to establish definitively if the United States still has POWs being held long after the war. Quickly defying his orders not to engage the enemy, he mounts a heroic attempt to rescue POWs, only to be betrayed by the men running the operation.

Left for dead in the jungle, Stallone takes on both the Vietnamese and the Russians to singlehandedly win a war that Washington DC was unable to win the first time around. It was the first film to debut on 2000 movie screens and netted a worldwide box office take of $300 million, ushering in the era of the action movie sequel. So grease up those biceps because this is the live debut of Friendly Fire at the Marines Memorial Theater in San Francisco and tonight we are watching: Rambo: First Blood Part II

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