FFB1 - 7 Days in Entebbe

Intro by John Roderick

Terrorism comes in many forms, but almost always it is justified by the terrorists as a continuation of war by other means, the weak fighting asymmetrically against the strong. The barrier to entry is low however, so that terrorist actors often have goals far more confused than the terrorist acts themselves. Such is the case of the events portrayed in today's film, which recounts the true story of the 1976 hijacking and dramatic rescue at Entebbe.

A motley crew of Germans and Palestinians commandeer an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris, rerouting it to Uganda and leverage their captives in order to demand the immediate release of 52 imprisoned Palestinian militants. But Israel has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Minister of Defense Shimon Peres clash over their response, particularly after the terrorists separate the Jewish passengers from the others.

As the days tick by, a bold military plan is hatched to send commandos to raid the airport facility where the hostages are kept, but it's unclear if the hostages will survive either their time in captivity or the aggressive plan to save them. No matter the outcome, it is a plan with consequences that will ripple decades into the future. From Focus Features and director José Padilha, hitting theaters March 16th 2018: Is one podcast worth 50 revolutionaries? We'll find out as we review 7 Days in Entebbe.

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