FF8 - Zulu

Intro by Ben Harrison

The battle of Rook's drift is an emblematic tale in the history of British colonialism. It's a case study of different combat tactics used by technologically asymmetric armies and a parable about the cost of conquest. In today's film: A surprisingly neutral depiction of the events of the battle. The British redcoats are vastly outnumbered and defend their position against 4000 Zulu warriors led by Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead played by Michael Caine and John Chard played by Stanley Baker.

The British use volley fire against the Zulu bullhorn tactic. In the end, after extensive casualties on both sides, the Zulu army sings to the diminished and desperate British unit saluting their bravery. The Zulu army leaves their hideout sparing the surviving red coats. This classic film has had a measurable cultural influence, inspiring Afrika Bambaataa to found the Universal Zulu Nation in the 1970s, as well as inspiring the combat scenes in Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers and Ridley Scott's Gladiator. A prayer is as good as a bayonet on a day like this when the Friendly Fire podcast takes on the 1964 film Zulu.

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