FF7 - Braveheart

Intro by Ben Harrison

Freedom: An idea wrapped up in both the stated doctrines of revolutionary movements the world over and the jingoistic language of right wing politics is also at the center of the aggressively embellished film biography of William Wallace, directed by and starring garbage human Mel Gibson. The film was lauded by critics at its release, winning five of its ten nominated Academy Awards, and secured best director and best picture Oscars for Mr. Gibson that we assume he took home and drew little Hitler mustaches on.

But with the benefit of hindsight, will this film reveal some of the hateful ideologies later advanced by the director more explicitly via the medium of drunken voicemails? Do the operatic scale and baroque depictions of medieval combat stand the test of time? Or should this film be drawn and quartered? We love war films, always have! Today on Friendly Fire: Brave Heart.

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