FF64 - Predator

Intro by John Roderick

I'm so relieved and glad that we here at Friendly Fire have decided to cordon off a donor-only feed for so-called pork chop movies. I believe that war movies are an actual thing and while a concrete definition may elude our grasp, I am confident to paraphrase Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart that I know them when I see them. In that sense, Predator does not qualify as a war movie. Obviously! From now on movies like this will be sequestered along with other of their ilk in a special place: Our donor only feed.

But am I not human? Do I not also, like Adam and Ben, thrill to watching professional wrestlers coated in baby oil spew an impossible quantity of bullets downrange from insultingly implausible weapons at a special effects UFO that looks like a reggae hermit crab? Of course I do! I like it when Wolverine goes Snikt. I like it when Tony Stark says he's the Batman. I like it when Spock uses his life saver to defeat the enemy Kling Clangs. I like all that stuff, they just aren't war movies! So now we have a place for them. I want you to know that we appreciate it. Also, I'm super-glad that now I can feel good about watching these fun stupid movies instead of feeling guilty that I am betraying some sacred covenant I've made with you, the listener, to watch war movies only. But now for the last time I will betray that covenant one last time and bring you Predator - not a war movie.

Adam and Ben really feel it is important in these introductions for me to give an overview of the plot of the movie, so listeners who haven't seen it can follow along without getting confused. They sent me these detailed notes about the production every week, because we often watch movies with a lot going on. But imagine how I howled when I received by special courier the packet of background information about Predator. Ben practically drafted a CIA fact sheet on El Salvador in the expectation that you, the listener, tuned into this episode wondering about the historical context of this movie. So I will break it down for you so that you go into this podcast armed with all the facts about the movie Predator.

First of all, there are two future governors of American States in this movie. That feels important! Also, none of this movie is true. No-one in Special Forces smoke cigars in the jungle. Do you know how far away your enemy would be able to smell a cigar? Especially if your enemy was a UFO! Also the people making this movie were clearly addicted to cocaine. Did you know there is no I in team but there is an I in Tim, and two Is and titties, also every mammal has two eyes. The UFO in this movie also has two eyes and two hands and legs and feet and so forth because ”Hey, let's not go crazy dreaming up what aliens look like, am I right?”

Anyway, you know that thing in commander movies where every member of the team has a specialty and every guy has a signature hat or mustache or miniature owl perched on his shoulder? Well this movie has that. Not the owl! The mustaches! Although the owl would have been cool. You know how the government is always portrayed as criminally inefficient and corrupt and the real heroes are our group of streetwise gentlemen soldiers who, although they only just learned of the mission 30 minutes ago, they already know more about it spiritually than the 50 people upstream from them in the chain of command who put the whole mission together. And then these gentlemen soldiers defeat the bad guys and also shame their inefficient and corrupt handlers by employing the common tool of all earthly philosophers throughout time: The holy hail of unnamed flaming bullets. Well this movie has all that, too. Plus a UFO!

Anyway, the cast of this movie is like the Traveling Wilburys of muscle man, except now that I think about it, where the hell is Rowdy Roddy Piper? That is an oral history I want to read: ”The day Rowdy Roddy Piper found out he wasn't in this movie.” I bet the birds stopped chirping in the church bells fell silent. Somewhere across the country in the offices of the person at Johnson & Johnson who is in charge of the division that sold bulk drums of baby oil you could hear a champagne cork pop. It was the 1980s, people.

The thing you need to remember most is that the first 20 minutes of this movie, where we are led to believe that we are in a Chuck Norris movie about crypto-communists and crypto-fascists creeping around in the jungle, is a terrible terrible movie. But right about the time we learn that something is skinning soldiers alive, the UFO, and stringing them up in trees with their guts hanging out, it switches gears and becomes a great movie! The duplicitousness of pencil-pushing CIA bureaucrats is still a low-brow subplot, but the all-out war between the predator and Schwarzenegger's team leaves no room for us to worry much about plot!

The harder they fight, the more death-dealing but still kind of weirdly commonplace gadgets the alien deploys against them. Finally Schwarzenegger proves he is the world's greatest action star, even better than Stallone in Rambo: First Blood Part II, which was a pretty low bar. So now you have everything you need to know to understand the historical context of this movie and my work here is done. I've seen some bad ass bush before man, but nothing like this!The podcast is Friendly Fire and the movie is Predator.


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