FF63 - The Bridge Over the River Kwai

Intro by John Roderick

Now here we go! A war movie by which war movies as a genre are measured. This is why we do this show, why I sit through RoboCop with only a comparative minimum of whingeing, so that more often than not we can luxuriate in the cooling water of the River Kwai. It is not giving too much away to reveal that we praise this movie, but even if you have seen it a dozen times there are always new avenues of surprise. An inquisitive and open minded viewer will find a great buffet of challenging ideas upon which to feast.

The World War II films we have covered thus far have scarcely troubled the China Burma India theater. This territory of the war spanned all of Southern Asia. The allied armies were building an extensive network of supply lines to reinforce the second front of Chiang Kai-Shek’s forces and China while the Japanese threatened Australia and pushed construction of their Burma railway through the jungles of Thailand and what is now Myanmar toward India. The Commonwealth nations were fighting to preserve their colonial empire as the Japanese tried to protect their flank and extend their Co-Prosperity Sphere of Influence.

Our story has two main threats: The lesser of the two concerns William Holden's Commander Shears, an American enlisted man impersonating an officer to gain favorable treatment at a Japanese prison camp. He escapes soon after Alec Guinness as Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson arrives at the camp at the head of a large group of British POWs. Nicholson, appalled by conditions, wages a pitched battle of wills with Japanese colonel Saito, the cruel and feckless commander of the camp. Saito is using slave labor to build a railroad bridge over the titular River Kwai. Nicholson objects to Saito's Geneva Convention defying treatment of British officers and spends much of the first act defiantly locked in a hot box. Eventually Saito relents and Nicholson quickly asserts himself as the general contractor.

He has a distinctly British theory that meaningful and disciplined work will help his men survive the ordeal of this camp and the war. So he sets them about building this bridge which, although it directly benefits the enemy, will serve as a monument to British engineering and ingenuity. Nicholson takes great pride in the work, all while Saito's distinctly Japanese shame builds to a crescendo. Meanwhile, Shears, caught impersonating an officer in Sailon, is forced in an again distinctly British way into joining a commando unit led by Jack Hawkins with a mandate to destroy the bridge. Shears, in a distinctly American way, is difficult to work with, shirks responsibility, and in a distinctly William Holden way, is a disagreeable whiner, yet rises to the task and acts heroically in a pinch.

In war, men are motivated by loyalty to a cause, or to their country, or to their fellows, or to themselves, and often a combination. Nicholson, Saito and Shears each pursue their own interests at the expense of their duty to their fellows and then they pursue their duty at the expense of the interests of their country, such that the climax of the film leaves one unsure whether to laugh or cry. And if laugh, then at whom? And if cry, then for whom? Was it all futile? Or in the end, was something accomplished? Maybe something grand? It's a classic! And it's really good! I would make the case that it's also a true pork chop movie, except the baby oil on the soldiers appears to be actual sweat. It is director David Lean's 1957 masterpiece. I'm getting worse, you know! Sometimes I think I'm Admiral Hosey. Today on Friendly Fire: The Bridge on the River Kwai.

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