FF2 - Run Silent Run Deep

Intro by John Roderick

The notorious Japanese destroyer captain Bungo Pete sank P.J. Richardson's previous submarine and at the start of tonight's film we find the captain played by Clark Gable skippering a desk job and desperate for a new command. After a year's wait he gets his new sub, but the revenge won't come easy for this World War II Naval Captain. His new crew are loyal to the executive officer played by Burt Lancaster and they are worried that Gable's vendetta is driving him to violate his orders and enter the dangerous Straits where his last submarine met its untimely end.

Soon the sea boils with the captain's bloodlust and the conflict between the two highest ranking officers on the boat. Director Robert Wise's black and white nailbiter was released in 1958 to critical praise and is recognized now as showing highly realistic depictions of submarine combat. Today on Friendly Fire: Run Silent Run Deep.

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