FF14 - Force 10 from Navarone

Intro by John Roderick

Robert Shaw, Harrison Ford, Barbara Bach and Carl Weathers star in today's film, the late 1970s barely-a-sequel of 1961s The guns of Navarone, featuring none of the original cast and only gestural references to the original plot. With the titular force of assembled oddballs deployed behind enemy lines, their mission to destroy a bridge is jeopardized almost immediately by an attack by Luftwaffe fighters, which Downs their plane, and then Yugoslav Partisans of questionable allegiances.

By the end, their numbers diminished and their initial strategy almost completely compromised, a last minute plan to destroy the bridge by demolishing an upstream dam is attempted. Although the dam at first appears to resist the explosive charges, it finally falls and in the end our heroes conclude their accomplished mission and begin their long, unexplained walk home.

It's the only film we'd include in our own briefcase full of dog poop bombs. Today on Friendly Fire: Force 10 from Navarone.

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