FF10 - Fury

Intro by John Roderick

Young Private Norman Ellison joins a highly respected and battle hardened tank crew during the invasion of Germany in the waning days of World War II. His first task: Scrubbing out the gory remains of the man he's there to replace. It sets the tone for the film to follow, depicting the brutality and desperation of one of the deadliest jobs of American soldiers in World War II. Wardaddy, Bible, Coon-Ass and Gordo fill out the rest of the crew. Grieving their dead crewmate they mercilessly haze Ellison while inflicting their rage upon the Germans. Despite their contempt for the rookie they gradually grow to accept him as he partakes in the horror of war.

Starring Brad Pitt, Shia LeBoeuf and Logan Lerman, the film's macho-fatalistic tone neatly matches its bleak visual palette. The tank combat scenes are realistic and adrenaline-charged as the film used real Sherman and Tiger tanks in its production. It's kill or be killed today on Friendly Fire as we review director David Ayer's biggest box office success, the 2014 film Fury.

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