Eating in the Bathtub

This story originates from Episode 8. John is known for his love for taking baths and he is often ironically depicted of doing everything, including podcasting, from the bathtub. The most famous variant of this is John eating a meatball sandwich on a home-made bathtub tray:

Eating a meatball sandwich in the bathtub (RL8)

John takes a lot of baths. To Merlin that seems over-hygienic and John confirms that it is about cleaning, but sometimes he will eat a meatball sandwich in the bathtub, which is not a clean process. He does have a tray for that, but if you are going to eat a meatball sandwich, there is going to be collateral damage. It isn’t about getting clean, but about getting mentally clean. It is a hot sandwich in a hot tub. John even had a piece of pumpkin pie in his bath this morning and it was what he needed.

John is his own psychopharmacologist and his dosage for today was one hour in the bathtub, a slice of pumpkin pie and the crossword puzzle from New York Magazine. If only John could get a decent meatball sub every time he draws a bath, if only he could wave a magic wand! John is operating on a whole other level and he should be in every school in America, but the question is if he would pass a background check for something like that.

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