This concept has been explained in Episode 27 where John just turned Bellingham into a transitive verb. The city of Bellingham is the city in the most Northwestern corner of the United States. You could say that La Push out on the Olympic peninsula is further West, but it is not as far North.

The West Coast passive aggressive mealy mouthed we can all agree on cheese tendencies are concentrated as you move further North West until get to the city of Bellingham where no-one can make a decision, no-one can ever express an opinion, and no-one can ever get into an argument and will go: ”Oh, I see, yes!” John hates Bellingham! It is where ”Don’t yell at me!” music and culture comes from: If you are talking in an unvarnished way about your feelings or about some ideas you had, people will throw Icelandic sweaters at you until you are muffled!

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