On January 3rd of 2021 John posted a short anecdote on Twitter about how he taught his daughter to use a can opener after she wanted to have a can of beans. The story was not well-received because John portrayed himself ironically as a mean dad figure, soon named #BeanDad, precipitated an outcry on the whole English-speaking Internet, and was trending on Twitter for days until the storming of the US Capitol took over the news cycle. People who were no followers of John tried to cancel him by inundating him with protests, reporting him to Child Protective Services, digging up old tweets that without context can be seen as problematic, and pressuring his co-hosts to step away from him. This resulted in the discontinuation of the podcast Friendly Fire after Adam and Ben unilaterally decided that they did not want to continue the show. Roadwork is currently Patreon-only. John responded with releasing an agology, turning his twitter feed private, and taking a step back from all social media. He also created his own Patreon that had been asked for by many of his followers previously and that allows him to communicate with only those who support him directly and who understand the context of his writing and won't misunderstand irony for fascism or antisemitism.

John talked about the incident in RW410 and RL411 (references will follow shortly)

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