All The Great Shows

All The Great Shows is one of the most famous bits of the show. It has been introduced in Episode 125 of Roderick on the Line.

The origin of "All the Great Shows" (RL125)

At one time around 2000-2005, John was standing with Sean Nelson at a bar. A guy comes up and says "Hi!", but John mistook him for someone else and said "Oh hi, great to see you, great show the other night!" The reply was "What show?" and John realized his mistake. The guy was also a guitar player which made the whole encounter extra-awkward, so John just throws out "All the great shows! Big fan!" Sean will still today once in a while say to John "All the great show".

John's awkward moment with Dan Harmon (RL125)

John met Dan Harmon at XOXO 2014. Some guys wanted him to meet him, although he himself didn't think so, but why not? Jonathan Coulton had shown him this one Christmas episode of Community that they had done as a musical and John found it very charming, but otherwise he hand't seen any program by Dan Harmon. John was not technically a big fan. He had just gotten off stage and had given a presentation that he was very proud of and Dan Harmon was the next presenter, but it would become clear that Dan had not seen John's presentation. John being introduced to Dan and Dan replying "Oh, hey, I really liked the talk that you just gave" would have been a good introduction, but that was not what was going to happen. John enters the room where Dan Harmon is pacing, communicating the kind of energy that makes it clear that he is the lion, he is in charge of the room, he is the reason the room was built! It was only built to house Dan Harmon for this short amount of time. John likes this kind of energy. A grey beard who feels that every room in the world was built to house him. John puts out his hand and greets Dan Harmon with "Hi, nice to meet you! Big fan!" - "Oh ja? Fan of what?" and John replies "You know, some of your old shows!" - "Which one?" Maybe Dan had sensed that he got John on the ropes because he was walking into the lions den covered in fucking hamburger. John stumbles "Eh Eh Eh… Community!" - "You mean the one that is back on the air now?" and everybody in the room was watching a lion take apart a lamb.

John is clinging to those little tail lights of the "Big fan!" train that he sees disappearing in the mist. He is standing there and part of him wanted to say "You got me, I've never seen anything you've done, I just read your name once in Wired magazine and I wanted to be part of it for a second", but Dan presses in, so John is trying to divert the conversation to Joel McHale, who is a Long Winters fan. As he is pivoting with "Actually, I know a couple of people on your show!", he doesn't remember Joel McHale's name, because he has a name that is like "Nick Drake", a name that Marco calls a snap-to-grid name, and as Dan asks "Who?", John can't remember the name. "I know two people on your show that I have lots of stories about that we can talk about, but I don't remember any of their names!" - "Who?" - "Some actors that are on your show!" John could smell the diesel oil out of Dan's ears, he plats both feet, leans in and "Tell me more about the actors on my shows that you know!" John is nervous, not because he is talking to his hero, but because he is shoving feet in his mouth. Eventually Dan stops talking and John stops talking and they look at each other and John remembers Joel McHale's name. This whole encounter did not last very long, but it felt like 1000 years. It was instructive to John. He is normally good at social lubricant like "Big fan! Great to see you!" and does it frequently himself. He probably picked it up from his dad as a way of moving through a crowd while not remembering their names. "Counsellor!", something like that. John is pretty good at that. If Dan Harmon would have come to John and said "Big fan!", John would have said the same thing "Of what?" He feels like that is Show Biz.

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